AGF Fee – What’s this?

Each year when you register for your first class or camp, you have to pay that additional AGF Fee, but what is that about?

AGF – or Alberta Gymnastics Federation fee is a combination of charges that provide resourcing for athletes and member clubs who fall under the umbrella of Alberta Gymnastics Federation and Gymnastics Canada while also providing insurance coverage and legal support in the event that an unfortunate injury is incurred during gymnastics instruction.  The AGF fee is charged when you first sign up for a class during the AGF fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), and covers all of your recreational gymnastics resourcing for the year and is transferrable between AGF sanctioned gymnastics clubs.

This fee changes depending on the costs of registration with AGF, GCG, Insurance, and CCGC Membership/Admin fee.
Currently the $55 fee that all recreational gymnasts incur is made up of:
GCG Membership:    $8.00
AGF Membership:   $20.00
Developmental Insurance Fee:   $25.00
CCGC Membership/Admin Fee:   $2.00
                Total Fee Collected:  $55.00

This year’s fee went up $10/athlete due to the large increase in trampoline insurance coverage and now needing to enrol our athletes in the developmental program rather than the gymnastics for all program.  This ensures that all athletes have access to all apparatus for the full benefit of training, and the fun of experiencing all that gymnastics has to offer!

Every year we collect this fee, and then remit the GCG, AGF, and Insurance portions to AGF, along with the names of each registered athlete, and in return we receive programming and resourcing assistance, access to certain benefits associated with membership within AGF, and are eligible to participate at AGF sanctioned meets and events.

For more information about registration and insurance information, please check out the AGF Membership Registration link.