The Recreational/GFA (Gymnastics For All) Program at Capital City believes in creating a fun, fitness experience while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. People of all ages are able to come into the gym and be physically active while exploring different kinds of movement such as jumping, twisting, swinging, climbing and springing. Gymnastics improves strength, flexibility, fine motor skills, balance and coordination while having fun. The skills learned at gymnastics benefits each individual when participating in all other sports.

Each gymnast involved in recreational gymnastics at CCGC is encouraged to reach their own potential. We believe that gymnastics teaches children that they can succeed in things and aids in building confidence and self-esteem. Recreational gymnastics is intended to be fun and make children feel good about themselves. The skills and determination young gymnasts learn can benefit them in all aspects of their lives. We encourage, in all participants, the development of personal character, good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, persistence, and dedication.


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Preschool Gymnastics

Our preschool gymnastics programs offer a variety of class options for children ages 12 months to 5 years old. Our coaching staff are trained to teach your child how to keep FIT while learning the FUNDAMENTALS of gymnastics all while having FUN in our spacious facility. They will play games, follow structured circuits, learn new ways to move their bodies, and make new friends. At CCGC we want to make sure that your child enjoys their experience with gymnastics no matter what stage of life. 


If you have any questions regarding our preschool programming, please do not hesitate to email for more details!



CANGYM (Badges 1-12)

CanGym (Badge Levels) – Ages 6 & Up

As stated by Gymnastics Canada, the CanGym program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities aged six and older, including beginner level participants through to entry-level competitive gymnasts. Utilizing the CanGym badge program allows participants, coaches, and parents to monitor progress in addition to be a motivational tool for athletes. The CanGym program includes three levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals Educational Philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants. Each level consists of four badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that badge. Within the Bronze level, there is a focus on mastering fundamental movement patterns. Within the Silver level, the focus is on mastering fundamental skills on men’s and women’s artistic apparatus, while the Gold level focuses on mastering the identified target skills. Each badge consists of approximately 30 different skills. The key skills in this program can be considered “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics, but can also stand alone as excellent recreational level skills.

Progress reports will be given to each gymnast at the end of each session. Coaches will complete the reports to indicate which skills the gymnast has “Attempted”, those they are still “Learning” and which he/she has “Mastered”. A participant has completed a badge when he/she has “mastered” each skill in that level and will receive a ribbon for each level that they pass. Some badges may take only one session to complete, while some may require multiple sessions.

IMPORTANT: Only the Burgundy badge requires no experience. All other badges require students to have completed the previous level.

Badge Level Progression:
Burgundy/Red (1&2)  –   Tan(3) - Bronze (4)  –   Purple GIRLS (5) - Blue GIRLS (6) - Purple/Blue BOYS (5&6) – Girls Advanced (7-12)


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Trampoline & Tumbling

These coed classes offer kids the opportunity to work on the trampoline, tumble track and floor. CCGC follows the CANJUMP program which is very similar to the CANGYM program.

The CANJUMP Program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities to teach trampoline and tumbling in a fun, challenging, and rewarding atmosphere. The CANJUMP program teaches children the basics of this sport. Participants are provided with reports to track their progress specific to Trampoline and Tumbling. The CANJUMP Program is committed to delivering a high-quality Trampoline and Tumbling program for athletes across Canada and is recommended by AGF to supplement introductory trampoline programs. 


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Our pre-competitive programs offer the opportunity for your child to prepare for our competitive programming. These classes will focus on making sure your child has a solid foundation of gymnastics to build on when they transition into one of our competitive groups. This will allow them to have a positive competitive experience in the future. At CCGC we want to make sure that all of our members can progress SAFELY while also having FUN no matter what level you are in!


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Teen Gymnastics

Does your 10-15 year old have alot of extra energy that they need to work off? Have they noticed that they always seem to be the oldest kid in their gymnastics classes? Here is our solution, we are bringing back the Teen class! Your child will get to experience all the gymnastics they would have done in a CANGYM class while not feeling like they are towering over the rest of their classmates. They will work on badges burgundy-blue with other teens while making some new friends and re-discovering their love of gymnastics.


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Adult Gymnastics

Gymnastics isn’t just for kids!  It’s a lifelong way to stay strong, flexible and have fun. These programs are for adults who want to learn gymnastics for the first time, practice old skills, or turn their acrobatic skills into tricks, stunts and agile moves!
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