We are starting off our Annual fundraising campaign early so that you have the opportunity to start collecting orders before all of the school fundraising campaigns launch.
Our First Campaign of the year is a LEVEL 1 Fundraiser as per the Points Program, so you will earn 1 Point for every dollar in sales that you submit before the deadline of this campaign (which is September 25, 2017).
Delivery / Pick up of the products will be during the month of October – exact date TBD.
Fundraising – Points Earning Matrix
Level Ratio of Sales : Points How Many Points you get for selling $100 How Many Points you get for selling $500 How Many Points you get for selling $1000 Sales at each level that would earn 500 points
1 1:1 100 500 1000 $500
2 2:1 50 250 500 $1,000
3 3:1 33 167 333 $1,500
4 4:1 25 125 250 $2,000
5 6:1 17 83 167 $3,000
As a reminder – here is how the points will translate into an account credit for your family:
Number of Points Account Credit
250 $50
500 $100
750 $150
1000 $200
Points are redeemed for account credits in increments of 250 points.  Redemptions will be automatically applied every month for anyone who has accumulated 250 or more points.
Any applied account credits will be visible in Jackrabbit on the Fees & Payments tab.
Please ensure that your order forms clearly indicate your family name and all athlete names so that the account credits are applied to the correct family’s account.
We will be offering products from : The Mixing Spoon
This is an Alberta Based Company that has a variety of “Pantry Mixes” that come in Plastic Jars.
Please find attached the The Mixing Spoon – Order Form (you will also be able to obtain paper copies of the form at CCGC from Sept 5th onwards).
Also attached is the The Mixing Spoon – Nutritional Info for each product.
The front of the form shows how the mixes are packaged, lists all of the available options, and advises what will need to be added and what the yield will be.
The back side (2nd page) of the form is where you enter your orders.
Each Jar has a selling price of $10 and there are no additional taxes or shipping charges.
These mixes are a great way to stock up your pantry with some handy meal starters or made from scratch treats.
These also make great gifts and require no refrigeration.
In addition to your CCGC Points awarded, there will be 3 participation prizes awarded through random selection from all of the submitted order forms that have a minimum total sales revenue of $200 or greater.
If you have any questions please contact the office or contact us through the Capital City Gymnastics Parents Group Facebook Page.
We are committed to helping you offset your training costs and as such we will be offering a variety of ongoing fundraising opportunities throughout the year.
Thank You & Happy Selling!