As a reminder – our 2018-2019 training year follows the Points Program and you will earn points as outlined by the Point Earning Matrix.  Every fundraiser will be identified at a level – to determine your share of points for product sold please refer to the provided information.  
Booster Juice fundraising form can be downloaded and via the link returned to the office. Please note that prices have increased for booster juice coupons.  They are now $5.50 for each coupon.  This is a level 2 fundraiser.
Purdy’s Fundraiser is a level 2 fundraiser and Dieleman Christmas Fundraiser is a level 1 fundraiser – information for these two are available in the office.  Deadline for Purdy’s and Dieleman’s order forms is October 31st, 2018.
Fundraising – Points Earning Matrix
Level Ratio of Sales : Points How Many Points you get for selling $100 How Many Points you get for selling $500 How Many Points you get for selling $1000 Sales at each level that would earn 500 points
1 1:1 100 500 1000 $500
2 2:1 50 250 500 $1,000
3 3:1 33 167 333 $1,500
4 4:1 25 125 250 $2,000
5 6:1 17 83 167 $3,000
As a reminder – here is how the points will translate into an account credit for your family:
Number of Points Account Credit
250 $50
500 $100
750 $150
1000 $200
Points are redeemed for account credits a few weeks after the end of each month and can be used toward future training or class fees.
Any applied account credits will be visible in Jackrabbit on the Fees & Payments tab.
Please ensure that your order forms clearly indicate your family name and all athlete names so that the account credits are applied to the correct family’s account.