Recreational Classes

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Parent and Tot – Ages 2-3 Years This program is parent and child centred. A coach will guide the parents and children through various circuits that will begin to develop the basics for gymnastics. Parents are actively involved with their children while they explore the equipment.

Tots – 4-5 Years In this un-parented class the coach will lead the group of children through event circuits that will develop dominant movement patterns. Children will develop a strong foundation of skills which will help them with more advanced gymnastics, as well as any other physical activity or sport.

Supertots – Ages 4-6 Years This class is for gymnasts that have previously been enrolled in the Tots program. At this level the coaches will begin to work children through a specified checklist of developmental skills. Coaches will design the class to work on a wide variety of skills and skill progression activities at each event.  This class is by recommendation only.

Advanced Supertots – Ages 4-6 Years This program is designed to provide additional challenges to children who have worked quickly through the Tot and Supertot levels. It will focus more on physical development (strength, flexibility, and agility) while improving and fine tuning the technique of basic gymnastics skills and progressions. This class is by recommendation only.  


CanGym (Badge Levels) – Ages 6 & Up
This “badge” developmental program, designed by Gymnastics Canada, allows kids to expand on their skills starting at a beginner level and working towards advanced levels of skill acquisition. Children must be six years of age to participate, and class placement is based both on badge level and age.

CanGym is a progressive program that is universal throughout most gymnastics clubs in Canada. It enables your child to earn badges for their gymnastics achievement in the presence of their qualified instructor. It focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics while incorporating fitness and fun. There are 14 different coloured badges in the CanGym program. Each badge consists of approximately 30 different skills. Program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next, leading to the key skills that are contained in the GOLD badge. The key skills in this program can be considered “building blocks” for more advanced gymnastics, but can also stand alone as excellent recreational level skills.

Progress reports will be given to each gymnast at the end of each session. Coaches will complete the reports to indicate which skills the gymnast has “Attempted”, those they are still “Learning” and which he/she has “Mastered”. A participant has completed a badge when he/she has “mastered” each skill in that level. Some badges may take only one session to complete, while some may require multiple sessions.

IMPORTANT: Only the Burgundy badge requires no experience. All other badges require students to have completed the previous level.

Badge Level Progression:
Burgundy/Red (1&2)  –   Tan/Bronze (3&4)  –   Purple/Blue (5&6) – Girls Advanced ( 7-12)

Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline & Tumbling – Ages 6 & Up  
This is an excellent gymnastics program for children of all ages and ability, beginner to advanced. This coed class offers kids the opportunity to work on the trampoline, tumble track and floor. Gymnastics experience is not necessary for the T&T Beginner class.

Specialty Programs

Cheer Tumbling – Ages 8 & Up  (1.5-2 hrs per week)
This girls only program has been designed to assist cheerleaders with their tumbling, stunting and jumping skills. No experience necessary.

Elite Petites Ages 4-6 Years Elite Petites is a non-competitive program intended for those gymnasts showing an above average ability and desire towards gymnastics. The focus of this program is on physical ability development along with the development of strong, technically correct gymnastics. This class is 4 hours per week split between two 2 hour sessions. Gymnasts in this program do not work towards badges, but will receive a progress report at the end of each session.  This class is by assessment only.

Hot Shots – Ages 5-7 Years This boys only program has been developed for recreational athletes showing above average potential and passion for gymnastics. The focus of this program is on physical ability development along with the development of strong, technically correct gymnastics. The boys will train on the men’s equipment (P-Bars, Rings, Vault, Floor, High Bar, Trampoline). This class is 4 hours per week split between two 2 hour sessions. This program is by assessment only.


Mini/Junior Team – Ages 6 & up Although non-competitive, the Achievement program is designed for female gymnasts that have shown above average ability and a passion for gymnastics. This class will focus on strength and flexibility, while fine tuning each skill. This program is by recommendation only.