Acrobatic Gymnastics

The competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics program favours body control in various positions, both on the ground and in the air. Acrobatics is practiced as Women’s pair (two females), Men’s pair (two males), Mixed pair (a male base and a female top), Women’s group (three females), and Men’s group (four males). The exercises must include a harmonious combination of choreography, collective acrobatic elements (holds, throws, catches) and individual acrobatic elements (floor acrobatic series), all in perfect synchronization.

Pre-Competitive Acrobatics (ages 5 to 7)

Pre-competitive acrobatics is a developmental/feeder program for the JO Competitive acrobatic group. This program follows the pre-team program provided by Gymnastics USA (Levels 1-4) which works on building strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Junior Olympic Acrobatics (ages 6+)

The Junior Olympic (JO) acrobatics program starts at JO Level 5. Levels 5 to 7 perform one combined exercise, choreographed to music. Level 6 to 7 athletes increase the level of difficulty to different elements from balance, dynamic and individual categories. These elements are choreographed into an exercise of the athletes’ and coaches’ choosing.

Elite Competitive Acrobatics (Ages 8+)

The Elite competitive acrobatics program start at JO Level 8 and continues through to the Youth and Age group categories in the National Program. Typically, these levels increase the number of training hours.