Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

Men’s gymnastics exemplifies strength and dynamic ability. Many of the participants in men’s gymnastics experience the thrill of defying gravity and performing skills that would seem impossible to the average individual. Gymnastics is immediately appealing to young boys as a great activity to channel energy and fearlessness. It is a sport that begins with the development of balance and strength and continues from this point to develop the complete range of physical demands that many other sports only partially develop. It is a balance of artistry with the raw force of strength, power, speed, agility and coordination.

MAG routines

The Men’s Competitive program at Capital City is comprised of pre-competitive, Provincial, National and International Levels. This program is designed for those gymnasts who have demonstrated exceptional talent in gymnastics as well as other qualities, which may include: age, ability, body type, determination, flexibility, and competitive drive. Those athletes that desire to strive for excellence in competitive gymnastics are invited to participate in the CCGC men’s program.

Hot Shots Classes-
Ages 6-10
(1.5-3 hours per week)