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Becoming a Champion of Life

"Most of the time in the gym we look for the outward progress of the lessons learned in the gym.
That is, we look for the physical skills that show that our children or gymnasts are accomplishing something.
These are important elements to look for and are necessary to gauge the accomplishment level of the
gymnasts and the output and results of the effort that they have put into gymnastics.

However, the greatest results and the greatest rewards that are reaped are shown when we see how the discipline
and focus of gymnastics transfers over to life. The ability to do gymnastics does not last forever,
but the ability and lessons that transfer over into life do. A child learns the ability to say, “I can”
and perseveres in learning skills in gymnastics. This will reap great rewards in all aspects of life.

In the gym we are creating champions in gymnastics, but more importantly
we are creating champions in life." - Anonymous