Preschool Gymnastics

At CCGC we offer a variety of programs for Preschool aged children. Everything from parented classes for your 1-3 year old that is just learning how their body moves, to your 4 year old little superstar who just cant sit still, to that amazing 5 year old who dreams of one day going to competitions and winning medals. We have something for every developmental stage of learning!


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Parent & Tot

Ages 18 Months-3 Years This program is parent and child centred. A coach will guide the parents and children through various circuits that will begin to develop the basics for gymnastics. Parents are actively involved with their children while they explore the equipment.

Mini Tots

Ages 3 to 4 years.  This Mini Tot class is geared towards young athletes who are learning to attend group activities without parental aid. Tots are encouraged to participate independently in a fun and easy going way. Parents are required to stay in the gym during the classes and participate only when necessary. Tots will learn how to take basic directions from teachers, turn taking, communication and listening skills. They will also learn basic body movement patterns, strength building, group participation, physical development and spacial awareness. And of course, getting them excited for sport! *** Must be potty trained, have attended at least 1 full session of Parent & Tot, and received a recommendation from a coach!


This class is by recommendation only. 
Please email to register or book an assessment.


Ages 4-5 Years. In this un-parented class the coach will lead the group of children through event circuits that will develop dominant movement patterns. Children will develop a strong foundation of skills which will help them with more advanced gymnastics, as well as any other physical activity or sport.


Ages 4-6 Years. This class is for gymnasts that have previously been enrolled in the Tots program. At this level the coaches will begin to work children through a specified checklist of developmental skills. Coaches will design the class to work on a wide variety of skills and skill progression activities at each event. 

This class is by recommendation only. 
Please email to register or book an assessment.

Advanced Supertots

Ages 4-6 Years. This program is designed to provide additional challenges to children who have worked quickly through the Tot and Supertot levels. It will focus more on physical development (strength, flexibility, and agility) while improving and fine tuning the technique of basic gymnastics skills and progressions.

This class is by recommendation only.
Please email to register or book an assessment.

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